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Road Construction Machinery Asphalt Mixing Plant

It can be made clear that the capability of asphalt plant manufacturers is that under the standard conditions; it must fulfill the requirements
as below simultaneously:
(1)Environment temperature: 20°C,standard atmospheric pressure; Local altitude should be less than 2000m;
(2)The average humidity of Cold aggregate <5%
(3)The temperature of the hot asphalt mixture <160°C
(4)The mixture is middle size, cycle time 45S, the density of stone material in the mixture≥1600kg/m3
(5)The content of fine aggregate in mixture <35%;
(6) The filler proportion in the raw aggregate material should not higher than 3%.
(7)The cold aggregate must be clean, and it shouldn’t include more soil and sundries. The cold aggregate supply should be continuous.
(8)The cold aggregate shouldn’t include large quantity of oversize grain; otherwise it will cause jam and reduce the aggregate supply
(9)The water content in filler material should < 0.5%, and the filler shouldn’t have conglomeration, agglomeration, otherwise it will
cause material supply break and time delay accordingly influence the capacity.
(10)The asphalt should be with well wrapping capability, during standard mixing circle, the aggregate should be completely wrapped by asphalt; the asphalt temperature should be controlled in the scope of 150°C±5°C. The using asphalt is normal asphalt without any other additives.

We mainly on trade with Russia, and now expanding the English market. Our company since is establish, adhering to the honest, laborious and oriented belief collaborate with foreign customer.

At the beginning of company was established in to new ideas and humanity managerment mode to attract excellent and passionate young talents of foreign trad. That made the language and trade faultlessly combine. Now our products has been extended to all parts of the world. For example, Europe, America and Australian and so on.

Core idea: All of our service to customers as the centers. Customers demand for products is our pursuit. We have wonderful patience and fortissimo responsibility, that must set up the image for company, giving reason to the customers for trust us. Turning new customers into old customers. Turning old customers into standing and steady customers. This is requirement of everyone to own.

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