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Hot mix plant working machine process natural bitumen cost

Hot mix plant working machine process natural bitumen are small-type plant which could be widely used in expressway or highway build and maintenance, and is especially suitable for short term or medium term projects to produce asphalt, modified asphalt, colored asphalt.
Main feature:
1,The module design for handling, It takes only few days to install, no need of large-ton cranes, no cutting and no welding.
2,Unique design stirring blade, driven the mixing tank makes mixing easier, more reliable and efficient;
3,The use of imported vibration motor driven vibrating screen, greatly improving the efficiency, but also reduces the failure rate of the equipment;
4,Bag dust placed in the drying state, placed above the drum to reduce heat loss, save space and fuel;
5,The bottom of the warehouse structure relative to the structure, thus greatly reducing the area occupied by the equipment, while eliminating the finished product lanes to enhance the space, reducing the equipment failure rate.
Our Service
1. Well-trained and experienced staff to answer all your inquiries in fluent English and Russia.
2. We will send our professional engineers to you country and help install the plant , train your worker to operate the plant .
3. OEM & ODM is welcome. OEM brand is available.
4. If you have any idea or demand, we can provide the customization service.

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