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First Class Cold Asphalt Mixer

For road maintenance,the asphalt mixing machine can mix the new asphalt,also can be used for old asphalt recycling:stacking, storing,heating and mixing.
Electric start diesel generators to solve the power problem in the field,can pit road repair site anytime anywhere, the raod can access after the end of the job,ensure the smooth flow of road. Its function is more prominen especially in the cold winter.

2 Introdution :

2.1 QLB mobile asphalt mixing machine is a new product which is developed by our unit combining with the
characteristics of domestic highway.

2.2 Automatic control, full computer monitoring, automatic measurement, accurate measurement, high reliability, compact structure, easy to move, good mixing effect, is the ideal equipment for high grade highway construction and maintenance.

2.3 Mixing modular design, fully sealed, so that the whole appearance is beautiful, improved noiseproof and dustproof effect.

2.4 Main working area uses electronic monitoring, improve the overall security and reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the labor environment.

2.5 Key components adopt imported components,control system adopts the programmable controller and the professional industrial computer, which can be used for automatic control of weighing, mixing and feeding.

2.6 Mixing cylinder liner and mixing arm, blade use high temperature wear-resistant cast iron, long service life.Separate metering method to weigh aggregate, mineral powder and asphalt, in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the ingredients.Hot aggregate, slag uses double chain hoist with automatic tensioning device.

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